Welcome to a different kind of view on life.

You are worth it.

Why is it when we do things wrong we think we are no longer worth something, especially when it pertains to that area of our lives? We think we are no longer qualified to work in that area of our lives.

I am so glad that is not the way that God is with us. He trusts us in areas where we failed Him before. (mark 16: 14-17)

Now if we based all our results in life on natural LAWS, then we would all be in trouble. There are many natural laws in life that affect our lives. Like the law of sowing and reaping meaning what you give is what you get. There are laws that are higher laws in life that can overturn natural laws.

Jesus did something for us that broke this law of sowing and reaping. He never sinned before, but He became sin for our sake. He did this so we could become something that we could not before. We are now made right before God (righteous) even though we have been wrong and sinned on many occasions.

The beautiful thing about this new way of life is, you are still right with God even if you chose to still live by right and wrong. If you chose live life by being right and wrong (law), every promise and belief (faith) you have will have no effect in your life. (Rom 4:14)

All you have to do is believe that you are right with God (righteous) and every promise and prayer you have faith for according to His purpose, will become real in your life. Just because you mess up in life does not mean that you cannot still be right with God. You are right with God by His sons action,  not by yours.

You are worth the price that was paid for you. That price was more than what we think we were worth, but in God’s eyes you were soooo worth it.

What you believe is what you get!

I was on a camping trip this past week, and I had some interesting thoughts on life as we see it. One morning I woke up to emptying a portable toilet after a night of no sleep. I started to get irritated, and then I realized “wait I am on vacation”. I decided that I would not let what my day started out like to effect my day or my vacation.

I came to this realization that all of life is this way. We all have moments like that everyday. We just need to stop and realize why we are here. If we think we are here to live a life that is comfortable and pleasing to ourselves, we missed something.

Life is not what happens to you. Life is more about what you are to the people and world around you.

I choose to be someone who represents the Father in heaven to people and world around me. I choose to be one who is bringing Heaven to earth, not waiting for heaven to fall in my lap. It is my hope to be contagious to everyone around me, so that this world becomes just like heaven.

God is looking for people who will say yes to bring Heaven to earth.

It’s Not OK!

If God is your Father, then what do you think He is ok with in your life. Do you think that when you ask your dad for cheeseburger that he would give you dirt? If your dad gives you what you ask for, wouldn’t you think that your heavenly Father would give you what you ask?

Do you think your heavenly Father is ok with you being sick, poor, or in lack of anything in your life? The lie that says we are going through hard times is because we are being made perfect is not of God. It is not God’s will for you to be sick, poor or in lack. IT IS NOT OK! We have given the enemy permission to do whatever he wants to us, and then we say God has done this.

God did say that all things will work together for good if you are living for His purpose. This means you may experience some things that are not from God. Everything good and perfect comes from God. The good news is that He can win with any hand that has been dealt to you.

If you are in the thick of something in your life right now, it is not God’s will for you to be under that anymore. He paid full price for your redemption. If you believe that Jesus died for you, then you are now a new creation. IT IS NOT OK ANYMORE! You and your healing this means body, soul, and spirit has been paid for already. It is time for us to claim our overpaid gifts.


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